Hussain’s Blasphemous Paintings of Hindu Deities

Hussain’s Blasphemous Paintings of Hindu Deities

Judge for yourself. And if you want to shoot this brigand if he tries to set foot on Indian soil, get in line.

durga fatima
Goddess Durga, naked Fatima, the daughter of the so called prophet. Fully clothed.
laxmi mfmother
Goddess Lakshmi. Naked. hussain’s mother. Fully clothed.
saraswati muslim_lady
Goddess Saraswati. Naked. Muslim Lady. Fully clothed.
parvati mfdaughter
Shiva – Parvati. Naked. hussain’s daughter. Fully clothed.
king_brahmin galib
Fully clothed muslim with a naked Hindu Brahmin. Muslim poet. Fully clothed.
bharatmata mother_teresa
A naked Mother India. Parts of Kashmir are cut off. Mother Teresa.
A naked Hanuman fighting Ravana while w naked Sita sits on his lap.
Decapitated Gandhi in the presence of a naked Hitler. Gandhi and Hitler in the same frame is blashphemy.

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