Greendex Map of the World

Greendex Map of the World

I am greener than you!

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National Geographic and GlobeScan, an international polling firm, conducted a study measuring and monitoring consumer progress towards environmentally sustainable consumption in 14 countries around the world.

The results are interesting. Some of them are not surprising. Particularly the fact that the US of A is the worst of the lot. What I personally found surprising is that India and Brazil are at the top as the most green! For very different reasons but the two countries tied for the top spot.

The Greendex measures consumer behavior in four broad areas: housing, transportation, food consumption and goods. Scores are determined by types of behavior consumers can change as well as types of behaviors they cannot change. Of the behaviors included in the Greendex, 60% are choice driven while the remaining 40% are determined by circumstance.

I won’t try to summarize the various findings here but urge you to download the full report (see below for link) and read it.

I have added a few graphs from the full report:


Greendex Rankings: Housing (Click for full size image)

Greendex Rankings: Transportation (Click for full size image)

Greendex Rankings: Food (Click for full size image)

Greendex Rankings: Goods (Click for full size image)

Greendex Final Rankings (Click for full size image)

The Full Greedex Report (PDF File, 51 Mb) is available from the National geographic web site.

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