Zoundry Raven

Zoundry Raven

I came across Zoundry Raven a couple of months ago but hadn’t had the time to download and use it. The web site looked promising and features listed were just what I was looking for. I downloaded the installer today and have just finished configuring it to blog to this blog.

One of the features I have wanted for some time is a good WYSIWYG editor in a light weight package. Advanced table & image handling, with fine control over image alignment, thumbnails and text flow. This seems to be the answer to all those things. I am able to insert an image into the post and Zoundry inserts it at the cursor with the original size. The right click context menu has an image sub menu which lets me control the size of the thumbnail to be used. I can also control the alignment of the image thumbnail as well as the border. I would have liked to be able to give a padding around the image but so far I haven’t found any means of doing so.

The next test is to publish this post and see how Zoundry Raven handles images, categories, pings etc.

The program setup was a smooth affair. During installation I selected the “Portable” installation option. This is supposed to be used with removable media like flash drives. I however installed on my laptop’s hard disk. The advantage here is that all program configuration is stored in the installation folder. No messing about with the registry or application data files in that stupid “Documents And Settings” folder where all the crap normally lives. Or maybe they die as soon as they enter and their rotting bodies and souls lie there forever.

I intend to use this as my primary blogging client if everything goes well. Maybe my search for the “perfect” blog client program is finally over!

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One thought on “Zoundry Raven

  1. zoundry raven seems good, blogger img management is bad, only puts them at the top. Will test this one out. But how do i post it to blogger from raven?

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