New Job At Mumbai

New Job At Mumbai

Yesterday, March 19, 2010, was my last day at Oracle Hyderabad. I am
joinging Rolta India as a Product Director at their Head Quarters in
Mumbai. I am on a train to Mumbai as I type this. Tomorrow morning will see
me in Mumbai and I join on Monday, March 22. Santhosh George my Vice
President at Oracle is now President of Rolta India.

My only regret is that I will Bablu’s 6th Birthday tomorrow. I have never
missed a birthday in my 11 years of parenthood. Well that would be 17 years
if I were to add Mamli’s 11 years and Bablu’s 6. And I have been away from
them for so long.

Anyway my new adventure has started and I will write about my experiences
as they happen.

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