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Month: August 2011



Rakhi is on Friday, August 12. My son Jyotiraditya received Rakhi’s from his two sisters in the US, Meghu & Chikoo. And I received mine from my little lister in the US. After seeing his Rakhi’s Bablu was rather thoughtful for a while. He finally asked me – what gift do I get for Meghu & Chikoo? And how do I give them their gifts for their Rakhi’s? 🙂 I told him to think of suitable gifts for his sisters…

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Windows Remote Desktop from Ubuntu

Windows Remote Desktop from Ubuntu has the perfect write up on how to use remote desktop to a Windows based computer from Ubuntu. I tried it from my Ubuntu 11.04 based laptop and it worked like a charm 🙂 I am now able to connect to my Amazon EC2 based servers from Ubuntu. One more reason to stay with Ubuntu rather than go back to Windows 7… Thanks GeekyProjects.