Phailin – Divine Intervention? Jai Ma Durga!

Phailin – Divine Intervention? Jai Ma Durga!

I drove my parents to the Mumbai Domestic Airport at Vile Parle at 5.00 am this morning for their 6.20 Jet Airways flight to Bhubaneswar. I was worried! Bhubaneswar was hit by the worst cyclone in 14 years – Phailin – less than than 36 hours ago. On Sunday, Oct 12, 2013, we were told by Jet Airways that they were ready to fly to Bhubaneswar on Monday morning but were pending ATC clearance, which obviously has come through since my parents have landed safely in Bhubaneswar on schedule.

Phailin was supposed to be a super storm as per the US Navy and other agencies. And I was worried. I have grandparents, friends and family in the area!

Fortunately my fears were unfounded. My father called me at about 8.30 am this morning from the Bhubaneswar Airport to tell me that they had arrived safely. I asked him – “What is the situation there”?

To which he replied – “Ma Durga has chased the storm away!”

Divine intervention? Phailin struck the coast of Odisha on “Astami”, the 8th day of Durga Puja, when Ma Durga is on Earth, blessing her devotees. Durga Puja is a celebration of good over evil, when Ma Durga, the ultimate Warrior Goddess, the manifest form of THE GODDESS, Ma! She has access to the powers of all the gods, and is the incarnate of the Mother Goddess herself – the ultimate form of her in the form of the avenging warrior!

Am I surprised that a supposedly super cyclone made landfall on “Estami”, the Eighth day of Durga Puja, and petered out on landfall?

No, I am not! Jai Ma Durga!

Navin Patnaik – Chief Minister of Odisha – I do not want to steal your thunder, but I will reserve my judgement for the next time – when you do  not have “the warrior Goddess – “Sakti Incarnate!” guiding your every move! I hope She keeps her love on the people of Odisha for ever!

I bow to her in worship, now and for ever! May the “Ma” for ever guide our footsteps, in this life and the next – till we attain Moksha!

Jai Ma Durga!

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