Bablu’s Sunday Breakfast

Bablu’s Sunday Breakfast

Today I enjoyed the very best breakfast I have ever had – prepared by my son, 12 year old Bablu.

Yesterday night before I went to bed my 12 year old son, Jyotiraditya aka., Bablu, made me promise that after 7.30 am the next morning, I would stay away from the kitchen area. I wasn’t very sure why and he wouldn’t tell me so I agreed. This morning I was unceremoniously evicted from my study area near the kitchen and dumped in the bedroom with my laptop.

The rest of the family was similarly evicted.

And then I learned the full story – Bablu is making Sunday Breakfast for all of us.


He took less than an hour to prepare, all alone, and present a full family Sunday Breakfast complete with eggs and juice. He not only planned the whole thing himself, but got all the ingredients together, cooked the whole meal and set the table before calling us for the best breakfast I have ever had.

Best of all was the presentation! Everything laid out on the table, down to the last detail.

First of all the poached egg, with a dusting of red chilli powder. Cooked to perfection!

Bablu's Sunday Breakfast - The Egg Poach
Bablu’s Sunday Breakfast – The Egg Poach

The Chocolate Cup Cake could have used a bit of baking soda 🙂

The Masala Cheese Cracker was not just delicious but a thing of beauty. He figured that one out on his own from a Restaurant meal we had at a recent party.

Bablu's Sunday Breakfast - The Masala Cheese Cracker
Bablu’s Sunday Breakfast – The Masala Cheese Cracker

Next was the Garlic Bread and the Mango Curd Desert! Yes, he made Garlic Bread all by himself!!!

Bablu's Sunday Breakfast - The Garlic Bread and Mango Curd Desert
Bablu’s Sunday Breakfast – The Garlic Bread and Mango Curd Desert

Finally we had a freshly squeezed lemonade made with chilled water 🙂


That was the bestest Breakfast I have ever had!

The boy has been fascinated with the culinary art since he was about 4. He has developed an eye for detail, has the patience to really succeed at cooking, the imagination and the daring to experiment. He is always trying to figure out what went into any dish, at home or outside and keeps surprising us all with his knowledge and grasp of the art. About a month ago my wife had a small disaster in the kitchen and was roundly admonished by Bablu with the diktat – “you are not making any more cake unless I am there!”

He proved he was right today.

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