EquityMaster & Apura Seth

EquityMaster & Apura Seth

I subscribe to EquityMaster & in particular to Apurva Sheth‘s “Peak Profit Alert“. The journey so far has been okay. We take our gains and our losses. What I have always liked about Apurva’s service is that he is very responsive throughout the trading day and sends updates as required. That was my problem with Asad Dossani’s style of working – he, I understand, lives in California – and we never received updates from his service between Monday (day of recommendation) and Friday (day of closure). End of long story – lost a lot of money on Asad’s service and finally told Rahul Goel of EquityMaster that I have had enough. He heard me out and moved my remaining subscription time to Apurva’s service. Very gracious of him. I understand that since then Asad’s service offering has been terminated.

I also told Rahul that Apurva was doing a great job and I would be very happy to have my subscription transferred to his service.

Coming to Apurva – yesterday he selected 3 PSU Banks as candidates for his service with very convincing reports on why he thinks this is a good bet for a bit of Swing Trading. By the way, I made a tidy package earlier in the week on his recommendations, so don’t get me wrong here. He does a great job!

I took a position this morning on all 3 PSU Banks as advised by Apurva.

But I was dismayed a little while ago to see that his “Trade Positions” web page still showed these positions as “Pending” in contradiction to his report – after I had taken positions based on his report and after they had met his criteria!

Called EquityMaster and spoke to Smitha (did I get that right?)  from his team. They corrected the position page immediately.

I am still in the Red with regards to these trades.


But Apurva & his team responded immediately. That is what I like about him and his style of working.

I am still in the Red. Lets see how this plays out.

But, at the end of the day, I trust Apurva.

Just one request / advise for Apurva – Be more specific in your reports. Saying NIFTY was down and XXX Stock traded Y% lower / Higher etc., is one thing. You also need to explain a few things:

  1. What does it Mean? Explain please. Don’t assume that because you are an expert, all your subscribers understand the implications of what you are saying
  2. Implications to me as a trader who has paid you money to get this service and am now risking my Capital on this advise. Stop Loss is one thing. Do I wait? Do I exit now?
    1. Please address the “Psychology” part of the trade – not everyone is an experienced trader like you are. Tell us! Give us that assurance that you are working on this. Just telling us not to panic in the “5 Minute Report / etc.,” is one thing. And I am afraid not enough, and it is repetitious and hence mostly tuned out. You are an “Expert” and such things are obvious to you. But Please note that you are also a Teacher to you Customers. It needs to be repeated but the language you are using  makes me react – “I know that!”. So, the fault lies with you – my teacher – not I. Broad statements / articles “Do not a Trader Make Me” (Sorry for the Yoda style speak). Make it a practice to tell us what it “Means”.
    2. What we are looking for is more data and support. We will react to the Red. Unreasonable. Illogical. Unwarranted. Yes. But you need to put in those extra sentences that “reassure”.

If you want to be successful – please learn to get out of your “Knowledge Zone” and get with the rest of us who pay you for the “Knowledge & Shill” that you bring. And I am paying for.

Am I making sense Rahul? Apurva?

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