Vodafone web site Stupidities!

Vodafone web site Stupidities!

I had set up “Standing Instructions” for my son’s post paid Vodafone mobile number. All well and good. Everything went well till now.

First, I had to cancel the Credit Card I had used earlier and get a replacement as the card was compromised somehow. Secondly the Standing Instruction’s on Vodafone’s system expired in March 2019.

So far so good. Now comes the stupidities!

I cannot Modify or Cancel the Standing Instructions because the need the Credit Card details of the original card and try to verify the card details by making a Rs. 2/- debit on the card even for a “Cancel Standing Instruction”. Same for “Modify Standing Instructions”.

And guess what? The original card no longer works!

Can I create a new “Standing Instructions”. NOPE! One already exists on that mobile number!

So what do I do now? I vent my frustrations on my blog 🙂

Who is the idiot who designed this for you Vodafone India? Fire them!

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